Supporter Testimonils


Kelly "Kelly said she first came to the centre through a placement with County Training and now she volunteers as a kitchen assistant five days a week. Kelly considers volunteering at the centre as worth while experience because she gets to meet new people and learn new skills. Kelly is looking forward to gaining qualifications in Health and Saftey and Food Hygiene certificates through working at the centre. Volunteering at the centre gives Kelly a sense of purpose and the job satisfaction that Kelly is helping people in her community."


Marion "Marion said that she works at the centre as a member of the kitchen staff. Marion first came to the centre to gain qualifications in Computers for Beginners, First Aid, and a Food Hygiene Certificates. This helped Marion gain employment at the centre working in the kitchen.

Marion feels that is important that she is able to give something back to her local community and working in the kitchen enables to use her skills to help others. Marion has lived close by the centre for many years and working at the centre is only a short walk away, which means she can get to work without relying on public transport to get to work on time."